Melissa Olsheski

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Love, Sweet Love

Love has admittedly always been my favorite topic to ponder and attempt to embody. From the time I was a little girl, I dreamed of


Trust, And Be Assured

One thing I’m continuing to learn in life is to trust myself.  I have found that when my authentic passion or purpose is met with

Personal Growth & Development

Free To Refuse

So often we value personal development. We love the idea of learning more, experiencing more, becoming more than we already are. However, growth doesn’t always


In The Moment

Baggy sweats. College tee. Patio time. The sounds of nature. The birds, the oceans, the insects, the trees know nothing of what we humans choose

Personal Growth & Development

The Vulnerability of Intimacy

I was lucky and blessed to be brought up in an “intimate” home where you could never love too much. As argumentative Italians, we were


Give Love. Receive Healing.

Time Heals Everything. Let’s each spend some time being healers today. That powerful energy is within each of us. And we could all use a

Personal Growth & Development

The Eye Of The Beholder

How are we seen? How deeply do we realize that what others see in us is a partial reflection of what we see in ourselves?

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Hello Friends! Welcome to the first post of my new blog “Free To Be”.  My name is Melissa Olsheski, and I’m grateful you’ve stopped to