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Free To Refuse

So often we value personal development. We love the idea of learning more, experiencing more, becoming more than we already are. However, growth doesn’t always equate to MORE (addition). Sometimes, we grow by subtracting or eliminating factors in our lives. In order to become ALL we were meant to be, we must not only seek to add to ourselves…. but we also must feel free to refuse any thoughts, actions, ideals, opportunities, stimuli or even people that come our way. This suggestion of refusal may feel a bit negative vs. the thought of “blossoming” our relationships, mindsets, perspectives, etc.

But in order to be whole, we should also consider the right of refusal. Sometimes understanding what we refuse can provide as much clarity of our values as what we accept. We must be just as open to reject things as we are to receive things that are meant to grow our strength and convictions. Once openhearted to what life has to offer, we can then assess and analyze information from a place of neutrality. And we can decide our willingness to conform or disregard that which will influence our bodies, minds, spirits and energy. There is no shame in “addition” or “subtraction” of anything in our lives. Our bodies and minds are our temples of existence in this 3-dimensional world. And we can honor ourselves by either receiving or rejecting what our souls lead us to.

So as it would be (in a bit of emotional turmoil over a post I saw from a legitimately concerned mom wondering if Halloween was being canceled or not this year), this morning I woke up thinking about some things that I refuse these days. I encourage you to ask yourself the same…. What do YOU refuse to think/feel/do? Keep in mind there are NO right or wrong answers to this question. But there IS freedom in the exercise of saying “no”. And always remember, it’s not what we reject, but that we are willing to reject things in our lives that are limiting us from being free.

And if you wonder what I am personally refusing these days… here you go.

I refuse to wear a t-shirt about how “awful” 2020 has been. It would be a lie. I refuse to buy masks that match my outfits. I refuse to stop walking in to establishments that may choose to refuse me. I refuse to cancel Halloween, as I have refused to cancel any other holiday. I refuse to cancel birthday parties. I refuse to stop working and serving others. I refuse to stop allowing people into my home. I refuse to stop visiting theirs if they desire. I refuse to stop hugging and kissing people who need it and want it. I refuse to stop questioning “authority” or common cultural beliefs. I refuse to be part of a collective consciousness that goes against my own intuitive wisdom.  I refuse to prevent my children from participating in their activities, athletics and school. I refuse to stop traveling. I refuse to stop sleepovers and movie nights with friends.  I refuse to accept any “normal” that does not include freedom to breathe naturally and without blockage, physically connect with others, and encouraging acceptance and respect of others liberty. I refuse to restrict my own viewpoints for the sake of others comfort. And I refuse to require others to restrict their viewpoints for the sake of mine. I refuse to pretend that any one person or entity other than God Himself is in control of the human race or any virus of the body or mind. I refuse to believe that my own health, well-being and prosperity has anything to do with anyone’s decisions other than my own… in public office or otherwise. I refuse to stop dreaming and taking action on the goals which will lead me to achieving them. I refuse to give up on my faith in God, self, country, nature and universe.  I refuse to be anything less than my ENTIRE self, both strong and fallible, even amidst perceived crisis at ANY juncture of life. I refuse to give up.

And I refuse to love you any less for having a completely different list of refusals than mine.

Receive, refuse, renew and be FREE.

Blessings of light and love, today and all days… Melissa

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