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Not Everyone Is Your Audience

I’m feeling I’m going to take a risk with this one. In fact, I’m not even sure what my fingers about to type.  But I know this… too many of us have become blind. And not everyone is my audience.


The problem with blindness is that we can’t see it, even when “it” is staring us in the face.  When we are blind, we cannot SEE that we are blind. I don’t believe for one second that I’m blind to what is going on in our world today. I think I’m pretty informed, educated, thought-out, reasonably intelligent and willingly active/interactive in my expression. I believe I know what the hell is going on… and it’s both a blessing and a curse. I think others are the blind ones… blind to so many freedoms my Spirit DEEPLY and INTUITIVELY fears we are losing (because they are too blind to see what’s being lost). But then again, some swear that I am the blind one. They believe it with the same passionate depth that I’m assuming about them. We are thinking completely opposite on some issues, yet thinking the same about each other’s blindness.

How can that be? Who are those crazy, blind people? Or else, who the hell am I? Which of us are right? Which is wrong? Who is blind? Are we all, or is anyone? Do I care (after all, I’m not supposed to care what other people think if I am “living in the light”)? How can we all be enlightened, yet all think about things so differently… blinded against other viewpoints? And do any of these questions even matter?

Well, here’s what may matter most… that we remember that not everyone is our audience. If I am writing and you aren’t reading, my blindness won’t matter to you. Nor will my insight. Those who aren’t reading this – NOT my audience.  If you are reading and think I’m wrong, then we may disagree, but you are still my audience. If I am paying attention to what you are saying, and trying my hardest to grasp your perspective, then I AM your audience, even though I might think you’ve lost your mind. But if you are speaking and I have no interest in hearing, then I am NOT your audience.

It’s a tough and courageous decision to choose to put your opinions or thoughts “out there” on the chance that someone will be interested, or even influenced. It’s tough to have an audience who may attempt to tear you apart or drag you down for your willingness to express yourself (which I admittedly feel is a shame, given we live in a country that by constitution, values the freedom of speech). Yet if people are participating in dialogue (kind or unkind), then they are still your audience. And you are making a difference.

If you choose NOT to express yourself, you will never have an audience.  You also will never influence anyone for the negative OR positive. Others will remain blind to you. They may even make assumptions about your silence, and blind themselves from the incredible person you are, based on what they do not know, and instead assume about you. If knowledge is power, then perhaps we should be sharing it rather than staying silent. Regardless of whether your knowledge is studied, empirical, experiential, scientific or intuitive, what you have to give to the world is worth expressing, I promise you that. When we express, the blind just might come to see. The deaf may come to hear. If they do not at least stay open to your thoughts, then it won’t matter if they do anyway…  because they weren’t really your audience to begin with. But if your voice brings ANYONE to light, then you have been part of the process of the growth of humanity.

Are we are own audience?

When we allow ourselves to hear our OWN voices, I mean really hear what our external and internal voices are saying… we often surprise ourselves. We may even scare, challenge or change ourselves. We may become our own newest light! Questions we might ask ourselves are:

  • Am I being hypocritical in my thinking or actions?
  • Am I characterizing others’ passionate belief as illegitimate while judging my own opposite, self-righteousness opinion as exceedingly worthy? (When we are judgmental, we lose the audience of our self AND others through our own blindness.)
  • Could I possibly be blinded by my own beliefs or influences that define my understandings, based on habitual thinking rather than intentional reasoning?
  • Am I able to objectively and lovingly consider, “What if I am wrong?” (If I’m unwilling to ask and honestly answer this question, then I also fail to be my own objective audience).
  • Am I willing to consider any belief/system other than what I already have embraced as truth? (If not, then I lose opportunity to learn or grow beyond what I already “know”. And if my beliefs are “true”, then there is no risk in questioning a different one anyway, is there?)

I encourage you to become your own best resource of all things ‘wonder’. Regularly reflect on your thoughts and beliefs. Listen to new sources of information. Question everything without ego. Use your pure intuition. Speak your findings out loud, via whatever platforms you like. Stand up. And stand down when Spirit guides you to. Ask the opinion of others. Hear them. Listen to their answers. Process. Then come to your own, unique conclusions. Do not fear a change of mind or heart. Do not conform to the norms of your surroundings. There is NO “normal” except uniqueness. Peacefully protest. Express yourself with respect and humility. Take courage. Your blindness will clear. And your audience will find you. I’ve got your back… you are Free To Be, with me.

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