What is Empowerment Coaching?

Empowerment Coaching is a unique system for helping clients shift from lower to higher levels of emotional awareness, so that he/she can live a more vibrant, positive, fulfilling and empowered life. As a specialized niche within the life coaching industry, this philosophy serves to teach and guide clients as they increase their level of awareness, emotional stability, energy and function by moving up through a “map” of consciousness. Empowerment Coaching utilizes various interventions, activities and tools to help the client dig deeper into what might be holding them back, so they may move beyond.

Empowerment Coaching can help you find healing from past hurts, solutions to problems, and methods of breaking through into a healthier, happier state of being. When you can see from a higher level of consciousness, you will enable yourself to plan and execute your goals and dreams like never before.

How Can Empowerment Coaching
Change Your Life?

To feel empowered is the most natural and free form of existence! 

Most of us have a deep-seated desire for more. It is not selfish to strive to become all that we are created to be. How we “show up” in the world effects everything from our self-concept, to our relationships, to our general perception of reality. And understandably, our environments, belief systems, influences and situations can affect our overall zest for life.

We may sometimes have difficulty pinpointing areas of our psyche that have us “stuck”, even when we truly wish to move beyond, or rise above our current circumstances. Broadening our perspective is a necessary prerequisite for psychosocial development. Whether you are wishing to heal or grow, your Empowerment Coach can help you bridge the gap between where we you been and where you wish to be!


Which investment is right for you?

Uncover Sessions

A single session can help you identify areas of life that need healing and/or attention. This session can help you pinpoint a vision for growth, and help you decide which multi-session package might be right for you. This is also a great option for brainstorming; as a refresher; or as an accountability session from previous coaching.

$179 / Session

Discover Bundle

Multiple sessions will help you build upon what you’ve uncovered from previous conversations. These sessions dig deeper into discovering what’s needed to turn your “stucks” into successes. As you work through blockages, you’ll learn to shift your perspectives, so that you can move into higher levels of understanding and functional freedom.

$159 / Session
(Save $100 on 5 sessions)

Recover Bundle

It takes time, willingness and effort to create a life of peace, love and joy. When you choose our highest-value package, you won’t just save money, but you’ll find that even beyond discovery lies your ability to recover the power that “ALL-ready” resides within. With persistent and intentional personal development comes confidence and positive change, as you rise ABOVE where you’ve been before.

$129 / Session
(Save $500 on 10 sessions)

Looking for extra guidance in a specific area of your “ALL?”
You may add a “Specialty Session” to any Coaching Bundle for just $80

• Body/Mind Session

• Beauty/Image Consultation

• Fitness/Lifestyle/Wellness Consultation  

• Speaking Engagement & Retreat Planning 


Empowerment Coaching

Individual coaching sessions to help guide you in developing a clearer understanding of your own challenges and desires. As we help you shift upward on the emotional scale, you will work to uncover areas in need of healing; passions, purposes and plans for further growth and development.

Body / Mind Sessions

Individual guided meditation and relaxation sessions to combat stress, improve energy flow and facilitate healing of the body and mind from the outside-in. Breathing, visualization, imagery and physical/mental awareness exercises help to facilitate the clearing of “blockages” in mind and spirit.

Image / Beauty Consulting

Individual or group sessions to discuss professional and/or personal image considerations and concerns. Consultations include a beauty profile assessment; discussion on physical and attitudinal body image; and education on preventative dermatological care, hygiene, anti-aging skin care and beauty recommendations.

Fitness / Lifestyle / Wellness Training

Virtual sessions designed to create goal-setting and accountability for healthy fitness, lifestyle and self-care goals; personalized program design, including physical strength & conditioning education, mindset development, meal plan suggestions, and integrative/complimentary self-care strategies.

Speaking and Retreat Engagements

Group virtual and/or in-person seminar and guest event appearances available upon request. Ex: wellness workshops, and various personal development trainings.