Who is Melissa Olsheski?

Melissa Olsheski is the founder of and President of All of the Above, LLC, a growing company focused on providing Empowerment Coaching and complimentary services to individuals interested in personal and professional healing, growth and development. Her professional expertise spans 25+ years of leadership in the fitness, wellness, direct selling and beauty industries.

As a young athlete, Melissa was always intrigued with behavioral psychology and how the strength of one’s body-mind connection could either enhance or decline a person’s performance, physically and emotionally. She began her professional career as an on-field Strength & Conditioning Coach and A.T.,C. (Certified Athletic Trainer) after graduating with her B.S. in Exercise Science. During this time, she uncovered a true love for connecting with people through fitness and rehabilitation, and had a knack for building trusting relationships with those she served.

After completing her Master’s degree, Melissa continued her career in fitness management within hospital, corporate and public wellness environments. Increased exposure to multiple facets of holistic health, she developed an even greater appreciation for integrative therapies, energy and complimentary medicine, leading her to doctoral studies in natural health & holistic nutrition.

Melissa’s inspiration to improve performance continued in personal training studios, university classrooms and corporate boardrooms, where she worked to develop systems, programs and curriculum to help others achieve the goals they set for themselves. In that time, she married her husband Paul and started a family with two beautiful children, daughter Josie and son Logan. This phase of life led her to seek an entrepreneurial lifestyle which could provide the freedom and flexibility to raise her children according to her own timelines and values. She chose an opportunity with a prominent company in the direct selling/beauty industry, where she honed her business and motivational skills by leading teams, and rising to new heights of influence for the past 13+ years.

Whether coaching people on physical insecurities or mental strongholds, Melissa has found that the same challenge remains for every person: too often, we allow ourselves to be “limited” by our own belief systems. In truth, it is how we think about our past performance, environmental influences, position title, familial dynamic, organizational structure, fears, etc., which determines how we choose to navigate the flow of life. And people’s perceptions of oneself will always directly relate to their willingness and ability to care for, nurture and grow into who they are meant to become.

Melissa understands, “What we think about, we bring about.” And her passion is to help people Uncover, Discover and Recover the POWER they have to bring about change in their lives. As a Personal Empowerment Coach through the SWAT Institute, Melissa integrates every bit of her education and experience to help raise the clients she mentors to new heights of success in any area of personal or professional development they wish to improve.    


  • Clayton College of Natural Health – Doctoral Studies in Philosophy, Natural Health / Holistic Nutrition
  • University of Central Florida – Master of Arts, Wellness Education / Exercise Physiology
  • Ithaca College – Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science / Minors in Health and Psychology


  • SWAT Institute Personal Empowerment Coach Certification
  • Reiki I & II
  • FiTOUR Advanced Yoga & Advanced Personal Trainer Certification
  • Zumba Fitness Instructor


  • IDEA International Dance & Exercise Association
  • ACSM American College of Sports Medicine
  • BNI Business Networking International
  • DSA Direct Selling Association
  • AADP American Association of Drugless Practitioners