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10 Important Lessons Learned in Writing My First Book

Self-Love I've written a new self-help book, just for you! As promised in last month's "Free To Be" blog post "12 Keys to Self-Love" , I have an exciting announcement!... As of TODAY, my first published book, My Vibrator AND My Rosary: Learning to Love All the Dichotomies of You,...

12 Powerful Keys To Self Love

It's a brand-new year! Here are 12 self love strategies to help you ground and reset your mind, to ensure a happy and successful 2023!

Trust, and be assured

Trust and be assured One thing I’m continuing to learn in life is to trust myself.  I have found that when my authentic passion or purpose is met with resistance by others (or even by my own little “devil” on my shoulder), it's because the powers of dark that surround...

In the Moment

Baggy sweats. College tee. Patio time. The sounds of nature. The birds, the oceans, the insects, the trees know nothing of what we humans choose to focus on. No broadcast news, no politics, no racism. Pure, unadulterated nature just keeps singing, swaying, flowing, flying... eating, sleeping, receiving what's provided, and...