Be All of the Above

All of The Above

The Story BEHIND "All of the Above"

“All of the Above” was a title revealed to me while brushing my teeth one regular, foggy morning. From the moment I saw the words in my mind’s eye, I knew they were a message from God (or whatever you might call “Him”) about the name of something important. But when I questioned, an almost immediate, humor-filled, clear answer came from Spirit to my spirit saying, “When I want you to know what it means, I’ll tell you!”

I rolled my eyes, looked up annoyed, and said aloud to the sky, “Seriously!?” And after months of contemplating, wondering, journaling, and praying, I finally gave up on trying to figure out the purpose behind the “mystery title”.

all of the above

As the next few years went by, I realized I had been feeling stuck in my own successful yet “boring” comfort zone in life and work. I had been hesitant to look beyond my current success, out of fear of losing all I had worked for. Upon this recognition, I intentionally chose to go about my days open to new opportunities, ideas, and relationships.

I shifted my mindset and decided to “go with the flow” when I felt the urge to go on a trip, take time in silence, read a new book, or consider an opposing thought from my norm. I took a few courses and training’s, grabbed some additional clients, networked with new people and stopped holding on so tight to what I’d already accomplished. I felt free, alive, and inspired again, with an energy I hadn’t felt in years!

That’s when a deep-seated philosophy came back to my practical awareness… I truly have NO limits, except those which I allow to exist in my mind. I always master the things I strive for, even when I’m tending to more than one venture at a time!  I’m happier when I’m busier, prefer variety and am multi-talented, as are most!

I remembered that I am not just one thing, nor must I focus on just one thing at a time. I am ALL of the above… capable, intelligent, beautiful, empowered, insightful, worthy! And not only that, but I also possess ALL of who/what is “above”, within my very being. I do not have to fear growing into myself! And neither do you!

As we journey through life, we sometimes need a reminder that we were created for excellence not just in one aspect of our beings, but in ALL areas, at any time we choose. And that’s what All of the Above, LLC. seeks to accomplish. We are here to provide Empowerment Coaching, community, and other resources to remind you of how incredible and capable you are of accomplishing ANYTHING you set your mind to!

Exactly thirty minutes after enrolling for my PECC with the SWAT Institute and taking my first step toward launching this new coaching practice, Spirit spoke to me again. This time, I clearly heard, “All of the Above” is the name of your Company.”  Mystery solved!

Spirit Spoke to me again and clearly stated, “All of the Above is the name of your company”

And so All Of The Above, LLC has come to life. We are ready to help you heal your wounds, stretch your minds, increase your vision, and attain ALL that is within you. You deserve to love every aspect of your being. You are meant to embrace every dichotomy of your whole. You are destined to live life to the fullest.

Because you are NOT just one thing. YOU are ALL OF THE ABOVE. 


All of the Above seeks to empower individuals to see their absolute greatness within; to assist them in becoming the best version of themselves, free to live with confidence, strength and joy untouchable by circumstance, environment, culture, or opinion of others. Our desire is to help people thrive despite challenge; immerse themselves in self-love, in order to spread love to others. Our passion is to help others heal, grow and let go of limiting beliefs, that they may see life from a greater perspective.

" Strong back. Soft Front. Wild heart. Just be you. "
Brene Brown
Researcher, Storyteller, Author


To provide people with Empowerment Coaching and education, to help gain awareness and appreciation of every aspect of themselves; so they may experience life as an integrated and empowered “whole” human being, capable of pursuing limitless possibilities.

All of the Above

Core Values


Standing firm in belief and action requires courage and confidence in ALL aspects of our being. Empowerment requires exceptional mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual strength.


Emotion and its expression drive attraction and connection. The higher our energy, the healthier the relationships we can form and sustain. The brighter our energetic resonation or “light”, the more joy, love, and peace we can experience. Empowerment requires positive, radiant, unimpeded energy.


The non-physical aspect of our existence must be acknowledged and nurtured to possess wholeness and wellness. We have innate wisdom which directs our paths. Empowerment requires trusting the Holy Spirit ABOVE and WITHIN us.


Kindness is the most essential expression of the human heart, leading to peace and prosperity. As a fruit of the Spirit, kindness can only come from an internal place of love and respect for Self, Creation and Humanity. In turn, kindness will be mirrored back. Empowerment requires genuine, authentic thoughts and acts of kindness.


The human condition is designed not just to survive, but to thrive. Forward movement beyond our current internal and external perspective; require self-awareness, open-mindedness, discomfort, and willingness to change. Empowerment requires continual learning, regular adjustment, and expansive growth. 

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