Be All of the Above

In the Moment

Baggy sweats. College tee. Patio time. The sounds of nature. The birds, the oceans, the insects, the trees know nothing of what we humans choose to focus on. No broadcast news, no politics, no racism. Pure, unadulterated nature just keeps singing, swaying, flowing, flying… eating, sleeping, receiving what’s provided, and appreciating what’s found. Nature just goes on living… doing its best, working, accepting… without fear of dying. The earth finds water, every creature finds food. We humans have it all wrong. We forget that we actually ARE pure nature, subject to divine plan, just as the rest of our creatures and creation. We are just more “privileged” with enhanced mental capacity… or are we? Only if we choose to use it to draw closer to our divine nature, meant for pure trust. Love and appreciation is more of what’s needed. Life is good. God is greater. All is well with my soul at this very moment… not every moment, but thankfully this one… and every one I choose to deeply understand with my heart, led by Spirit. God is providing. This I know. Till my body passes and my spirit moves on. Is your soul well? I pray it is.

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