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Trust, and be assured

Trust and be assured

Trust and be assured

One thing I’m continuing to learn in life is to trust myself.  I have found that when my authentic passion or purpose is met with resistance by others (or even by my own little “devil” on my shoulder), it’s because the powers of dark that surround me, are feeling threatened by the wisdom and obedience of my Spirit of Light which I’ve chosen to let GUIDE me. Our intuition is such a powerful force, one which cannot fully thrive without letting go of fears and ego. We teach our children to “trust their gut”, but also to “never trust a stranger”. Well… which is it!? As adults, we struggle with the same conflict of sense.  How can we be sure what messages to trust?! What if I make wrong choices? What if I fail? What if I am wrong?

Life often times feels out of OUR control, and in many ways it most certainly is. But that does not mean life itself is out of control. Life itself is in constant, dynamic state of being. And it is incredibly homeostatic in nature. The inhales and exhales of our bodies and the trees depend on each another. The land and the seas are constantly exchanging with one another. Every entity of nature is interdependent, with much depth in checks and balances. We see it in our geography, relationships and prayers. The design of our physical, mental and spiritual existence is beyond what any scientist or philosopher can fully explain.  We are a long way off from most understanding.  But assurance will never come from understanding.  It can only come from trusting.

Our egos may not like admitting it, but we can all be assured of one thing if nothing else… we are not here by accident.  We alone cannot completely conceive or birth ourselves. We can’t completely mess ourselves up any more than we can completely put our pieces back together when we fall. We need a bit of our own intellect and wisdom, as well as that of others, in order to navigate this “seemingly” crazy life. We need a bit of divine intervention just to wake up in the morning. We need a bit of surrender of some things in order to make space in our lives for others. We need a bit of trust to live this life, but we actually do not NEED assurance (assurance just makes this life feel a little better).

Perhaps the best outlook we could have is to see this life as MIRACULOUS vs. crazy.  We could see our “crazy selves”, our “crazy neighbor”, our “crazy Aunt Sue”, our “crazy boss” as miraculous! What if we saw anything we don’t understand as miraculous? After all, just the fact that we have an entire electrical system functioning inside our bodies, helping our organs to run, even though we are not physically plugged into any electrical outlet is pretty crazy to me! But here we are… running around on an “invisible” energy that we can’t detect with our own eyes. Life is truly miraculous.  

Trust and be assured

We should not be discouraged by our unknowns, but be assured by them. Accept them. Appreciate them. Following our intuitions, our authentic passion and purpose keeps us on the right track of our own existence in this life. The outside forces which drive us are real. Our choices, thoughts, urges, desires… all REAL, tangible evidence of our incredible nature. And we CAN trust that we are all doing our best.

I encourage us in times of doubt or question, to continue to check in with our consciences, follow our discernment, and trust BOTH ourselves and the Universe/ Divine Nature/God/Source (however you define who or what is bigger than you).  Our innate wisdom has a purpose beyond our current awareness. Our life and how we live it is more influential, more valuable than we can ever understand. So trust, and be assured.

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